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We are passionate about sharing great hiking experiences from around the U.S. for anyone interested in short hikes (or long walks!) and especially seniors. So if you're looking for short hiking ideas when on vacation, you'll find trail reviews here to fuel your next walking adventure.

So. Take a hike ….

To Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Despite its tragic history, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon remains a popular tourist destination. Classified more precisely as a slot canyon – a narrow passage carved out by water erosion over time – sunlight filters through slender openings over 100 feet above the canyon floor, creating spectacular waves of color that reflect off sandstone walls...... Click photo or title for story.

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To Inverness, Florida

Despite more than a million alligators calling Florida home, encountering the predators in a city’s business district is a rarity—and residents openly embracing their presence is even more unexpected. Yet in Inverness, the county seat of Citrus County, the waters and marshes of Cooter Pond harbor an abundance of scaly reptiles that coexist with local humans..... Click photo or title for story.

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To Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Admired for its dramatic mountainous beauty, diverse wildlife, and range of outdoor activities, Rocky Mountain National Park is a top destination for tourists. Each year, millions flock to the Colorado park and navigate the winding Trail Ridge Road just to experience the scenic beauty of the seemingly endless 2-mile-high mountains towering over the pristine region. Click photo or title for story.

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To Bozeman, Montana

With more than 50 miles of trails spread throughout some 40 public parks today, seniors visiting the seat of Gallatin County will find plenty of opportunity to stretch their legs along the meandering pathways throughout the park system. While many are flat and paved, attempting some slightly more ambitious trails, such as Peets Hill, is worth a try.  Click photo or title for story.

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To Alligator Alley, Alabama

More than 700 alligators call Alligator Alley home. The 160-acre privately onwed property in Summerdale, Alabama, is just a few miles north of Gulf Shores. A long boardwalk takes you out through swamps to view these amazing animals. Click photo or title for story.   

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To Deer Isle, Maine

Venturing south along Route 15 toward Deer Isle, Maine, eager to spend a day exploring some of the area’s short trails, we weren’t disappointed, beginning with the splendid Little Deer Isle bridge that gracefully spans Eggemoggin Reach. Click photo or title for story.

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